Patient Comments

Wonderful knowledgeable therapist. Very effective therapy. No pain from the needles and wonderful relaxed feeling afterwards.
By: Rosemary SaltLocation: Norwich
I arrived feeling-as usual- highly stressed, tense, anxious. I felt warmly welcomed by Rebecca- the needles going in didn’t hurt at all, within minutes I felt calmer. I left feeling refreshed and altogether better and relaxed. Wonderful.
By: Suzanne LacyLocation: Norwich
I love how Rebecca explains exactly what she is doing; I am learning a bit about my body through her treatments and leaving the multi-bed clinic feeling very relaxed. Thank you Rebecca!
By: Debs HoyLocation: London
What a lovely experience! I’m not the biggest fan of needles but that didn’t hurt at all. Rebecca was lovely and very knowledgeable. Thank you.
By: Stephanie Jeans xLocation: Norwich
Thank you for a very relaxing experience! Rebecca was very tentative to my ailments and appeared to go the extra mile to achieve relaxation for me. As a tired pregnant lady this was very much appreciated!!! Hope to see you again.
By: Emma (and bump) xLocation: Norwich
A superb, mellow chill-out session! I’d never had needles before and I was a wee nervous, I felt fantastic and will sleep well tonight!
By: RupertLocation: Norwich
I felt very tense when I arrived and Rebecca checked my pulses and knew exactly what was required. After the treatment I felt very relaxed and peaceful. I have had acupuncture before and Rebecca is the best therapist I have seen for this. Lovely.
By: Gill ThurstonLocation: Norwich
A very calm and relaxed experience. There is no need to fear the needles it is very comfortable and actually quite a nice sensation.
By: RobynLocation: Norwich
Thank you so much- lovely to see mums face- relieved of pain.
By: Jo Reina-KokoLocation: Norwich
Brilliant work, feel so much better.
By: Dot ReinaLocation: Norwich
Having suffered from Balance problems, vertigo, insomnia and associated depression for nearly a year I was given the phone number for Martin’s clinic by a friend. I thought it was worth a try, but not putting too much hope into it. Mentally I felt low on my first visit. A significant improvement was noticed after two sessions. My dizziness is much reduced and my mood has lightened significantly. My family has noticed a dramatic difference. We still have to work on the insomnia, that this can be achieved in time.
By: Mrs O BarberLocation: Norwich
After just three treatments I have found my sinus trouble is so much better – after suffering for many years. I find the treatment very relaxing and have recommended Rebecca to many of my clients who have pain problems.
By: Mrs J RichardsonLocation: Norwich
I have been having acupuncture treatment for my carpel tunnel and also for the swelling in my legs and for my chesty cough and for relaxation. I am very, very happy with the treatment I have received from Rebecca.
By: Mr D KellawayLocation: Norwich
Following a talk about the benefits of acupuncture treatment for many aspects of discomfort and pain etc. I decided to have acupuncture treatment with Rebecca for pain relief for my knees, which are awaiting surgery and I have seen an enormous improvement in every aspect relating to my knees. I can sleep more comfortably, walk better and have hugely reduced pain levels. As far as I’m concerned this treatment has been a total success!!
By: Mr W NotleyLocation: Norwich