Affordable Community Acupuncture in Norwich £24

Community Norwich Multibed

A Community Affordable Clinic at Treat-Norwich.

At The Norwich Acupuncture Rooms we run a very busy acupuncture clinic. The patients benefit from acupuncture at an affordable rate of just £38 per hour.

The multi-bed concept is authentic to China where people receive treatment in the same room. While the patient is relaxing, the acupuncturist goes onto treat another person making the best use of time; this time saving can then be fed back at a reduced fee for the benefit to the patient.

The best part of this model of acupuncture is that people who need regular treatment can afford to do so, and people who could not afford to have acupuncture now can! People who are seeking acupuncture for fertility particularly benefit from this model as regular weekly acupuncture sessions are recommended. Receiving regular treatment is key to the success of effective acupuncture treatment. This concept of successful treating is very well recognised in Chinese hospitals with up to 2000 outpatients attending daily for treatment. In general the severity of a condition determines how long you will need acupuncture. The more complex and longer you have had a condition the longer treatment you will require. This is a general rule however in my own practice I observe most people having positive changes within 3 treatments.

At the Norwich Acupuncture Room the majority of patients (depending on their condition) begin with weekly treatment. As the condition begins to change and we see signs and symptoms improving, treatment is spread out to fortnightly sessions, then longer once the treatment is sustaining. Our aim as an acupuncturist is to re-train the body how to function optimally itself. To enhance this process acupuncturists are trained in Chinese dietetics and positive lifestyle changes, so we may recommend changes to the diet as well as looking at your whole lifestyle.

Since The Norwich Acupuncture Rooms opened in 2010, it rapidly grew in patient numbers, we now run the clinic 4x days per week. This demand has highlighted not only the need for affordable acupuncture in the West but the success of treatment experienced by patient referrals to friends and family. The prof for me of the success of this model is in the outcome of treatment that individuals experience for himself or herself.

We see all kinds of patients suffering from many varied conditions in the Norwich Acupuncture Rooms. There are a few things you should be aware of before coming in for treatment:

  • If your condition is longstanding or complex you may be asked to have an initial private Traditional Chinese Medicine Diagnosis first. This will give you better results in the long term.
  • You cannot give blood for up to 4 months after receiving acupuncture outside of the NHS, this is because traditional Chinese acupuncturists are not statutory regulated (the British Acupuncture Council, the regulatory body of acupuncture is campaigning hard for this to change).
  • Before treatments please eat (but not a large meal), acupuncture on an empty stomach is not a good combination.
  • Acupuncture needles are very thin, much thinner than needles used for vaccinations or giving blood. You will feel a dull ache, little sting or tingling on needle insertion.
  • You remain clothed, just uncovering in the areas needed for treatment, these are commonly the lower limbs. We respect your privacy and cover for undressing is provided if needed.
  • You may feel very relaxed after treatment, it is commonly described by patients as a “natural high and feel good sensation.”

Although these multi-bed sessions are carried out in a communal type setting we repeatedly see patients, able to go into a very relaxed state, often people snooze during treatment.

Patient Testimonial

“I arrived feeling-as usual- highly stressed, tense, anxious. I felt warmly welcomed by Rebecca- the needles going in didn’t hurt at all, within minutes I felt calmer. I left feeling refreshed and altogether better and relaxed. Wonderful.” Suzanne Lacy

Multibed Clinic Times

We have at least one acupuncturist available Mon-Sat for appointments, due to high demand it is wise to book ahead.

For more information on what acupuncture can do for you call Treat-Norwich Reception Tel: 01603 514195

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