Mature & Wise Pain Relief Clinic

Norwich Acupuncture Rooms has just launched this new "pain relief clinic" to support patients with a wide range of conditions. The clinic for the “mature and wise” has been set up to help people aged 65 and over, in a friendly, sociable atmosphere.

Sessions take place on alternate Tuesdays, from 9am to 12pm, at "treat-Norwich" in Heigham Street. We offer support to people who have chronic and acute pain conditions, as well as those who are having treatment for cancer – by helping anyone who has nausea as a result of undergoing chemotherapy. Acupuncture can also support a person’s immune system due to the endorphin release, and helps protect against coughs, colds and flu.

There is quite an impressive amount of research into the effects of acupuncture on the release of endorphins and enkephalins, the body's natural painkillers. This is certainly an aspect of acupuncture practice which has been thoroughly researched since Nixon's visit to China in the 1970s. Due to people having operations without anaesthetic meant that there was an upsurge of research into acupuncture for pain relief.

The acupuncturist who will be running the pain relief clinic is Rebecca’s colleague Sam Coxeter, who qualified in acupuncture at the University of Westminster, London. Sam gained experience working with “mature and wise” patients within the NHS-funded community multi-bed in London called the Gateway Clinic. Sam has good experience and is passionate about treating pain-related conditions.

Patients will be sat in a circle when they have treatment, this will enable them to be able to talk to each other in a relaxed setting. It is hoped that elderly people who are isolated and living alone will benefit from this social interaction.

Eight spaces are available at each session initially, although it is expected that this will increase with demand. Each patient will have a consultation in the multi-bed setting before treatment begins.

Cost: £21 per person per session.

Tel: 01603 514195 to book or go to our Complementary Health Clinic for more information treat-Norwich